[The open journal is written with black ink in cursive krytan, but some of the lettering isn’t as neat and consistent compared to past entries.]

I haven’t been able to sleep well since I got back from the Mists. I keep having these nightmares. They’re rather faint and only flashes of images inside an Inquest compound, but that’s enough for me to wake up panicking in the middle of the night.

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Some of you may remember this! from some time ago, but did you know there’s more to them than just that! 

 Just like that heart in Caledon, Dhelthal, (or Dhe as he’s called), has taken up to helping the Wardens learn the inner workings of the Nightmare Court. He makes for a good,long lasting candidate for being a spy. Maybe helping the wardens helps him feel better about not having a Dream at all, or a good way to make up for what he lacks.As if the act wasnt enough to keep up, having an imprinted baby krait  named Eli trying to follow and learn everything you do questions another set of ethics, especially when all that babe knows is wholly sylvari.

I hope you like them enough to want to see more!! ;v;

Because tumblr is dumb,if you have trouble reading, The full complete is right here

Omg this is so cute

omg baby krait thinks it’s a sylvari, be still my heart!

Cyrill’s Notes: Full Circumstances Unknown



Isa’s mental state has become more and more of a worry over the course of the past weeks. Ever since the evening she returned from the disaster (or perhaps the overwhelming success) that was the Global Summit to assess the Mordrem threat, her behavior has become more impulsive, erratic. When paired with her now-burgeoning mesmeric prowess, it poses quite the fearful situation. She says that she is in control, yet not a single part of her being reflects that sentiment.

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[The open journal is laid out with a raven feather bookmark. The krytan script is fluid and legible, however near the end the letters start to look a little messy.]

Things have been so topsy turvy lately that I haven’t written in here at all. Estel’s “issue” that I wrote about forever ago resolved itself thankfully. But Tarnn hasn’t been acting himself for a few days. He even came out to Dry Top to find me while I was working, which he would never do unless it was necessary, and we stayed in the desert for the night. He still hasn’t told me why he seems so depressed, just that he doesn’t want to talk about it. And that’s fine. I understand that people with his level of battle experience don’t like to talk sometimes. I just wish I could help him more.

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It’s been one hell of a day, and that might be putting it lightly. Estel and I went into Dessa’s lab for an assignment Lylla had provided. Isa was there as well. Her twin had voiced some concerns over her stability, but she was still there. Sanna had shown up in place of Tarnn. We gathered just fine, but everything went downhill from there. I felt a searing pain in my arm, and when I checked, the glyphs Ananias had placed upon them were gone. The pain was one thing, but the fact that they were removed was concerning. Being in the mists, I couldn’t TVAC the company on what the hell was going on.

Something seemed to have triggered Isa as well. She suddenly stormed off through the central portal and kept rushing ahead of everyone, engaging in battles before the rest of us were there. I attempted to confront her about it, but that got nowhere, and she just made some snide remarks towards me as a result. 

Midway through the second fractal, she seemed to have shut down on herself. Estel called for a short break. The cultists hadn’t noticed us just yet anyway. She seemed to recover after that, being less of a surly and reckless prick. 

Things weren’t about to get better, though. After the cliffside, we ended up in Thaumanova. Lylla wanted data from this particular fractal. It was the main reason why we dove in there in the first place, so that much was a good thing. However, that place, as expected, was a huge fucking mess. Chaos energy was rippling all around. Portals were appearing, sending out various foes and trying to suck us in all at the same time. Similarly to the Ascalon fractal, we were all transformed into Inquest agents. It was odd being so small, but Sanna was handling that the worse out of us. She seemed to despise the fact that she was in the body of an Inquest operative. 

I ended up getting knocked into the toxic waste at the bottom.. which was… a rather horrid feeling. It’s little wonder that some asura are still recovering from this mess. Isa managed to get me out, and Estel was able to treat the burns I sustained from that. We had to keep going. The knowledge that the damn reactor could blow at any moment was not helping the situation as a whole, either.

Some sort of creature spawned above and Isa stated we had to defeat that in order to get extracted. Despite Estel’s warning to keep distance, I went and engaged directly. It was a poor idea, especially considering the burns I had already sustained. I think it was melting away some of my flesh… By the time it was over, I was.. not in a good state.

Thankfully, we were soon pulled into the final fractal. I was back in my true body, and the grievous injures sustained as an asura were gone. Sanna had just about enough of it all and ran off, however. She and Isa had an argument about the Inquest and the former just wasn’t having any of it. I wasn’t really certain what to do there. Estel went to comfort Sanna and eventually managed to get her to come back. We just had one more fight, then we could be pulled out. Isa left shortly after we had returned to Dessa’s observatory. 

If that weren’t enough on its own, I received a bird the moment I left the lab. A missive from Incedia, informing me that Ananias had been found murdered. That explains the destruction of the glyphs in my arm. Estel urged me to go straight home, though I called out through the TVAC to try and get some information on the way. Not only was he killed but the artifacts had been stolen too. We should have moved them sooner. There were no signs of forced entry into the area he was studying in. A hammer blow to the chest apparently was the cause of death.

Estel was pretty drained by the time we got back home. Shit day all in all.

[The open journal pages are crisp and clean, as if it is well cared for. But near the end the krytan script becomes uncharacteristically shaky.]

Its been a long while since I’ve written anything in here. Ever since the Grove we’ve been trying to get things back to normal until we hear news. Sanna has been assigned to Dry Top to record information from the centaur tribe. The work allows her to come back home on a regular basis. As for me I’ve been teaching combat and defense. Its a good job, I really like it. But now I’m not so sure.

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