Alright FREE asura requests!


I have all night and I really want to draw and practice Photoshop, but have absolutely no inspiration what so ever

reblog with your asura(s) of choice and I’ll pick at least 1 and draw a bust/headshot w/e!

Also feel free to add some description of their personality of you want to! I’ll do my best to do everyone


Well, glad I’m somewhere with working internet.

Tarnn is stoic but sweet and Sanna is pretty much the nicest person ever.


I’m without the internet this weekend. You are only seeing this cause I’m at my sister’s at the moment.

Since my brother moved out I had to find a new ISP that I can pay for on my own, so I went back to Frontier. Only surprise surprise, the dsl stubbornly refuses to work. Someone is coming out to look at it, one tech said on Monday and the other said on Tuesday. I’m hoping for the former but expecting the latter.

Reblogging from main blog. I’m going to be out of the game for the next few nights. Not thrilled about it.


I was right. It didn’t stay quiet for long. A ‘Vigil Crusader’ came around looking for Isa, claiming that her life was in danger. Estel and I brought them and Tarnn into the house to discuss what the deal was. It was about Flimm. It turns out the Crusader was his sister. She ended up assaulting Isa, blaming her for what happened to the little bastard.

It seems a lot of people are blaming us for that for some reason. We were not the last people to work with Flimm and as far as I know, none of us saw him since we parted ways in Diessa. Again, if I had wanted him dead, he would have just died without the apparently slow and painful death the curse inflicted upon him. Or whatever.

Sheeb was disabled pretty easily. I could have killed her, but Isa made the call to let her live. I dropped her off with some Seraph officer outside. Both Wisteria and Isa were highly distressed after what occurred. The latter began to blame herself for everything that had happened. I’m not really sure why. This mess was hardly her fault. Even then, none of us were really hurt. I received a small cut from a potentially poisoned blade but Tarnn had taken care of that swiftly.

[The open journal’s pages are stuck with a few crumbs and there is a piece of yarn being used as a makeshift bookmark. But the krytan script is neat and legible.]

I can’t believe how quickly the beginning of the week came. These weekends just aren’t long enough. But then again this weekend has had it’s ups and downs. A new week is a new start I guess.

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[The open journal is laid out on the table. The pages are mostly clean but there are a few spots that appear to have been damp and then dried. The krytan script is loopy but gets shaky near the end.]

Life has fallen into a sort of routine this past week. I have my classes, my shop and orders for work, and logging in time at High Energetics. I have been keeping an close eye on the data I got from Estel. Despite getting the data late, I can already tell there is a definite correlation between the magic draining from her and the magic being gained by the daggers. It was going very smooth and steady, until last night when there was a sudden spike.

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I did it! Last night I finished the WvW Tournament meta! I’m pretty proud, even though it was substantially easier than last year. Gotta say that EotM made a huge difference with the no queues thing. I’m most likely still going to be running around in the Mists since it’s good for leveling alts (and making sure TC ends in a good place), but the pressure is off.

Good luck to all the other up and coming Mist Runners out there!

Can we get a roll call of all GW2 tumblrs? :D






I keep thinking I’ve found them all and then more pop up, t’would be awesome to make a post of all the GW2 fandomers :D

I’ve listed the ones I know below the cut :D Lemme know if you want to be added or removed :3

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Whoa, now that’s a list. But its missing me. :D

Woo I’m on there!

I think a lot of us are not in here :D I’m gonna check out some new blogs! Thanks for this! :)

Well I never reblogged this because I blog about all things, but I am guild wars 2 oriented :) Just be ready for very random posts, personal posts and other games :) (can look at my archives to see if you like it or not)

Woohoo! I’m on the list!

[The open journal has a few bread crumbs in the center of the pages and a piece of yarn as a makeshift bookmark, but the krytan script is clearly legible.]

I wish I had gotten to Divinity’s Reach sooner, but the crystal nodes I made for Estel took a bit longer to fashion than I expected. Having the electronic parts mesh with the arcane crystal was something I had underestimated. But I finally got it. I just hope we didn’t lose too much data in the week she’s been out.

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[Infographics] WvW [NA], Week 1! : Guildwars2

For those of you who are, like me, participating in the Spring WvW Tournament and might be curious as to see the breakdown of how your server did, the redditor “werdernator" made up infographs for all of the NA first week match ups. Go take a look!

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